My friends and colleagues will recognize the title of this post.
It’s the question we ask ourselves before every pitch, negotiation, meeting or conference call. Start with why?
Why should they care?
Why do they need to listen?
Why should they follow us versus someone else?

If you want to know the answer to that specific question, read the book;
if you want to know the “why” I started this “thing”, keep reading below.

There are people that need to be recognized for the difference they've made;
because it could help keep the focus on making the most of our days;
and because something is moving me to do this –
and it maybe it will move you too.

It’s my 21st century mixtape;
created and curated with the sights, sounds and emotions
to inspire the sirens; helping us make some no15e.

So we start with why and answer with a line from one of my idols, Cameron Crowe,
"why not?"